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Transient Flows Lab of Hohai University

Brief Description

The Transient Flows Laboratory of Hohai University (HHU) in China, led by Prof. Ling Zhou and Prof. Tong-Chuan Che, was funded by Double First Class University Plan. The laboratory is equipped with two pressurized pipe systems for transient tests: one is made of 270 meters of stainless-steel pipes (DN50), and the other consists of 250 meters of transparent acrylic pipes (DN50). The stainless-steel pipe system can be configured into single, tree, and looped topological structures by isolating valves. The transparent acrylic pipe system is mainly used for air bubble/pocket-related transient pipe flows. The water to the pipe systems can be supplied by a constant pressure reservoir or centrifugal pumps. The systems have 50 bends of different angles from 90 to 180 degrees and 70 pipe junctions. The Reynolds number (Re) can be varied from 0 (no flow) to 1×10^(5) (turbulent flow) and the Mach number (M) from 0 to 4 ×10^(-3).

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