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Large scales research

Large Scale Research


Smart Urban Water Supply Systems 
(Smart UWSS) 

RGC – Theme-based Research Scheme (2016 - 2020)


Time Reversal Imaging for Sustainable & Smart Urban Water Supply Systems

RGC – Theme-based Research Scheme (2022 - 2027)

Small scales research

Small Scale Research


Pipeline Hydraulics: Resolving the Paradox of Time Reversibility in Damped Transient

RGC - General Research Fund (2019 - ) 


Blockages in Water Pipes: Theoretical and Experimental Study of Wave-blockage Interaction and Detection

RGC - General Research Fund (2017 - )

leaking water pipe.jpeg

Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of the Interaction Between a Leak and 3D Waves in Pipes 

RGC - General Research Fund (2018 - ) 

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